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Pubescence 3 (2012) 720p HDTV 600MB

Download Pubescence 3 (2012) 720p HDTV 600MB Ganoolaka Chin Chun Qi 3 | Adolescent Period 3
Release Date: 2012
Genre: Drama, Romance
Stars: Zhao Yihuan, Wang Yi, Li Luxi, Qiu Xiaochan, Yang Feifan, Xie Jin, You Yitian
Quality: 720p HDTV
Encoder: Demitos@Ganool
Source: 720p.HDTV.x264-NGB
Release Info: NFO
Subtitle: Indonesia, English (N/A)

Pubescence 3 is director's Kwan Shao Jie's final movie of the series. The plot continues from the first movie till this final movie.Abandoned child, Chen Xiao Yu is deemed one of the problem girl by the students of the school. Due to the her abandonment and the realities of society, what ever that is bad, she has done it all. In her mind, her only responsibilities is to give up all responsibilities until she met Wang Xiao Fei who sat beside her in class. Everything she knows will change ……….. (Translated by gandarloda)

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Download Pubescence 3 (2012) 720p HDTV 600MB Ganool

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